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Insurance Plans

Health plans which we accept:

Health plans that require referrals:

Not covered by any of these plans? Contact us and we will find the best solution to suit you.  

Insurance Card

We are required to have on file a copy of your insurance card in order to bill your insurance carrier for services rendered during an appointment. If we do not have this information then you are solely responsible for all charges incurred. Payment in full may then be due before you leave the office. Once we receive appropriate insurance documentation, we will bill your insurance carrier and you will be refunded any overage amount that the insurance carrier does not pay.


Some insurance carriers require that a patient obtain a referral from their primary care physician in order for the insurance to pay for care by a specialist physician. Most insurance carriers do not require a referral, but if yours does it is your responsibility to ensure that the referral is in effect prior to visiting our office.

To get a referral you must contact your primary care physician's office. They will submit a Referral Request to your insurance carrier. This does not mean that you have an approved referral, your insurance carrier must process and approve your referral before you visit the specialist. Do not assume this referral is approved until you have confirmation from your insurance carrier. If you are not sure about approval, contact your insurance carrier or check the carrier's website.

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